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Hi, i always get people asking this question a lot. The question normally comes from someone who has bought a system, tried it a few times, lost money and then presumed it's scam.

The general thought is that if someone is selling a system that will make you rich overnight then why are they selling it and not just living it up in their beach house? Well that’s true of many of the betting system scams however not all the systems that are on sale are scams, in fact some are truly helpful, but the best ones are FREE!!

To put it simply there ARE Betfair Trading systems that work, however, I think some people seem to have a different definition of just what a “system” is meant to do.

I get the impression that some will buy a betting Trading system and then just expect that they can follow the system and have an instant license to start printing money, however using a system isn’t quite like that. There is no system that is on sale that you can use and just simply make money without thinking.

No matter what the Trading system is, it still takes hard work, discipline and research to make it work. Many people simply aren’t willing to do that and these are the people that will never make money from trading.

in this blog you will find many trading systems... all free i never ask you for a dime...its free information..

all in one place....

ok, before we even start...

  1. Have you joined betfair yet? Yes, move on to number 2, NO? Sign Up Here
  2. have you 2nd exchange? most will turn there nose up asking why? well most betfair members know it can go wrong, very wrong when betfair goes down, which can be frequent when they upgrade there servers, and the horror story's that go with it, all this can be avoided by having a back up exchange on standby, even if you do not use it... please for the love of god, open one!! use betdaq here, some people use smerkets but there is not much liquidity over there, i'll show you an example,
  • Trader 1 lay's the draw, the game starts, betfair goes down, a goal is scored., now he thinks wahoo im in profit, no your not, betfair stays down, time ticks away, and wham, 1-1, now reality sinks in..... tick tock... until full time, betfair is still down... you lose your entire stake...
  • trader 2 lay's the draw, the game starts, betfair goes down, trader 2 now logs into his betdaq account, a goal is scored, betfair is still not up and running, so he now lay's his bet off on betdaq and then goes down the pub to spend his winning..... success...!!

3. Staking plan's, staking plans, STAKING PLANS!!!!!!

dont attempt to bet without one, do not waste your time.... without a staking plan, your doomed from the start, im going to add a staking plan sub section, so keep your eyes peeled guys...

so now we have the basics out of the way.. lets see some systems....

First Lets Join Berfair

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Trade Just After A Goal Strategy

This is my favorite betfiar trading strategy, just after a goal is scored.
what happens after a goal is scored on betfair, the market re opens, then MARKET PANIC!!
Traders who have open positions Green up, Red Up etc... this is where you can make some easy cash...
when a goal is scored... lets say under 2.5 goals is @ approx 1.25 for example, a goal goes in with 20 mins to go, the market re open's but is trying to find a new settled price, if you look at the under 1.5 goal market during the suspend we can see what the guide is.. lets say under 1.5 was 2.0.. the under 2.5 market will flirt around 2.0 for anbout 2 mins until it settles at its new position, in effect becoming the old 1.5 market, so, we place an order a few ticks above the old 1.5 market price, with a tick offset of your choice, remember tho we are looking to get in and out as quickly as we can, we put in an order for £100 @ 2.06... it gets matched then a few seconds later our tick offset layes it off @ 2.02.... we now have a free bet on under 2.5 goals for £4 or we can green up for £2, all in a few seconds work...

here is a quick video, take a look..

Remember always
  1. Have a back up exchange in case betfair goes down, join Betdaq Here.
  2. Have a back up device, ipod, ipad, laptop etc incase your computer crashes.
  3. Have a 2nd internet connection (i use my iphone) incase toy lose connection.
  4. Use a Staking plan (ie a % of your bank, no more than 10% i use 2%)

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